• Carlan Torcu

    Carlan Torcu

    "An open mind is a fortress with gates unbarred and unguarded."
  • Eli Castus

    Eli Castus

    "The only light in this universe, is the light that shines from the God-Emperor. May the Imperium of Man last for all time!"
  • Polus Slaef

    Polus Slaef

    "I serve the Empire. I serve the glorious machine that is man. For what is Man but a cog in the Great Machine of the Imperium?"
  • Quint Sham

    Quint Sham

    "Xenos! Bah. Gangers chasin' ya in a dead hab during hivequake is scarrier any day."
  • Saul Wolfe

    Saul Wolfe

    "The Emperor's Law is everything. To carve victory from the grasp of our enemies, we must hold it in value above all else."
  • Wil Maine

    Wil Maine

    "YOU THINK YOU KNOW! Argh, sorry. Lesser daemon clawing at my brain."