Carlan Torcu

"An open mind is a fortress with gates unbarred and unguarded."


Name: Carlan Torcu

Career: Adept

Rank: Archivist

Homeworld: Herkulos (Imperial World)


Wounds: 10

Fate Points: 2

Move: 2/4/6/12

Weapon Skill: 32

Ballistic Skill: 30

Strength: 32

Toughness: 28

Agility: 29

Intelligence: 37

Perception: 32

Willpower: 35

Fellowship: 36


Blessed Ignorance


Liturgical Familiarity

Superior Origins


Light Sleeper

Pistol Training (SP)


Sound Constitution


Basic Skills

Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int)

Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)

Common Lore (War) (Int)

Literacy (Int)

Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)

Trade (Copyist) (Int)

Scholastic Lore (Legend)

Drive (Ground Vehicle)

Common Lore (Administratum)

Starting Gear-

Thrones: 104

Stub revolver and 6 bullets

Administratum robes (Common quality clothing)





Purchased Experience-

Intelligence Advance Simple (+5)

Drive (Ground Vehicle)

Common Lore (Administratum)

Sound Constitution


You don’t remember if there was ever peace on your homeworld as all you ever knew was war. Born,
raised and survived – that’s how you think about it. You were one of the lucky few, charmed some might say, to have survived an upbringing in a warzone. Found as a youngster amid the twisted wreckage of your family’s home, the only survivor, you were taken by the guardsmen to the refugee camp where your quick wits and sharp memory made you stand out from the crowd. Soon you were apprenticed to scriveners, the Imperial Adepts, who catalogue and ceaselessly record
the workings of the Imperium.

After ten years of toil, your fingers seemingly forever stained by the endless mountains of ink your work had consumed, you were seconded to the Officio Determinus Libratum deep within the bowls of the faceless black-stoned Administratum offices. Here you were required to catalogue, sort and fetch the thousands of tomes of ancient lore for your masters. Despite restrictions on what you could or could not read, you could never resist taking a peek inside the covers of the books. Whilst most seemed nothing more than row upon rows of numbers or names, some displayed weird characters and talked of ancient things best left well alone.

It was whilst secretly reading one of these strange black leather bound volumes, that you were seized by a dark robed figure of sinister mien, a man whose deep black eyes peered into yours as if looking into your very soul. How long he started into you, you cannot say, only that it seemed a lifetime. Then he was gone, as silently and swiftly as he had appeared. Soon after, you were called to your superiors and you were taken aback to find the same dark eyed stranger talking with your master. Since then the dark eyed man has become your new master, a man you know as Inquisitor Sand.

Carlan Torcu

Corrupted Blood Shikou