Polus Slaef

"I serve the Empire. I serve the glorious machine that is man. For what is Man but a cog in the Great Machine of the Imperium?"


Name: Polus Slaef

Career: Tech-Priest

Rank: Technographer

Homeworld: Scintilla (Hiveworld)


Wounds: 12

Fate Points: 1

Move: 3/6/9/18

Weapon Skill: 33

Ballistic Skill: 24

Strength: 37

Toughness: 31

Agility: 35

Intelligence: 39

Perception: 35

Willpower: 31

Fellowship: 32


Accustomed to Crowds

Caves of Steel



Mechanicus Implants


Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)

Basic Weapon Training (Las)

Pistol Training (Las)

Electro Graft Use.


Basic Skills

Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)

Tech-Use (Int)

Literacy (Int)

Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int)

Trade (Scrimshawer) (Ag)

Starting Gear-

Thrones: 152

Metal staff

las pistol and 1 charge pack

las carbine and 1 charge pack


flak vest

glow lamp


Mechanicus robes and vestments (Good Quality Clothing)

7 spare parts (power cells, wires, chronometers etc)

vial of Sacred Machine Oil.

*Experience Purchases-

Toughness Advance Simple (+5)


Feedback Screech

Technical Knock


Your life on Scintilla has been one of service and pride. Your family is one of the few trained in the art of reparing and maintaining the air purifiers of the habs by the Ordo Mechanicus. This sacred duty elevated your family to a position of almost-nobility in the habstack, and you enjoyed a little more privacy, a little more space, than others in the hive.

All that ended when the murders started. The Arbitrators suspected that the air purifiers were being used by gangers to simply dispose of the corpses of their prey, but they wanted to take no chances. The execution of your family was quick and efficient, except for one flaw: you were not there at the time.

Returning home, and learning of the slaughter first hand, you fled into the ducts and systems you knew so well. You managed to survive there for a time, perhaps half a cycle, before loneliness and the need for food caused you to leave. Suspicious, but with nowhere else to turn, you returned to the office of the Ordo Mechanicus.

The Machine Cult recognized your skill, and turned you over to Inquisitor Sand for both protection and service.

Polus Slaef

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