Saul Wolfe

"The Emperor's Law is everything. To carve victory from the grasp of our enemies, we must hold it in value above all else."


Name: Saul-Wolfe

Career: Arbitrator

Rank: Trooper

Homeworld: Scintilla (Hiveworld)


Wounds: 12

Fate Points: 3

Move: 3/6/9/18

Weapon Skill: 37

Ballistic Skill: 30

Strength: 32

Toughness: 19

Agility: 31

Intelligence: 32

Perception: 35

Willpower: 29

Fellowship: 34


Accustomed to Crowds

Caves of Steel




Basic Weapons Training (SP)

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)

Quick Draw

Sound Constitution*


Basic Skills



Tech Use (Int)

Speak Language (Scintilla) (Int)

Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)

Literacy (Int)

Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites) (Int)

Common Lore (Imperium) (Int)

Inquiry (Fel)

Starting Gear-

Thrones: 58

Shotgun and 12 shells


brass knuckles


flak vest

uniform (Good Quality Clothing)

3 doses of stimm


Arbitrator ID



*Experience Purchases-

Ballistic Skill Advance Simple (+5)



Sound Constitution


For Inquisitor Sand’s Personal Use Only****
****File – 01627 – Saul Wolfe

Saul Wolfe was born on Scintilla to parents who were already ranking members of Adeptus Arbites. His father had worked the hive world for years as a justicar, fighting a neverending war against the underhive to prevent the gangers from spilling into the habs. His mother was a beautiful woman, at least people told him she was beautiful, who had died during childbirth. The incident had changed his father, who blamed himself for her death. The day of his birth, a group of gangers had broken through from the underhive into the hospice, murdering everyone in their way and looting whatever stims they could find. Saul’s mother took two bulletwounds, but not before killing five of the gangers with a stub pistol she had snuck into the hospice.

Saul’s father never forgave himself, and his war on the gangers intensified until he died in the underhive when Saul was 6 cycles old. The field report says he was shot by gangers during firefight while on patrol, but the autopsy clearly indicates multiple lasgun inflicted wounds in his back. Interesting.

Saul himself grew up proud and strong, unwavering in his loyalty to the Imperium and his parents’ legacy. He enlisted in the Adeptus Arbites at the tender age of 14, and was a Trooper by 18. It’s a shame that his superior officers were corrupt men, and prone to taking bribes from the gangers and other corrupt sources, or he would have had a meteoric rise through the ranks. As it was, he refused to become embroiled in the rampant corruption of Scintilla, and thus could never quite gain another promotion.

All that ended, of course, when Saul finished gathering evidence on his superiors and turned it into the Inquisitorium. 32 deaths later and the corruption was cleansed, and young Saul, now 21, had caught the eye of the Inquisitors as a most promising young agent.

End File****
****Personal Note
His mother’s identity and the unusual deaths of both of his parents bear looking into.

Saul Wolfe

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